Update: About the Launch (Not Lunch, as I wish)

I’ve come across some obstacles this week with deciding which recipe I want to post first. I know it’s not a huge deal, and it doesn’t really ‘mean’ anything, and I also haven’t made the time to make an ingredients list. I know, I sound really lame right now.
That being said, I am going to push the launch date for this *soon to be* amazing blog. It will either be Oct 7 or Oct 14 of 2017.
This week, my boyfriend and I are celebrating his birthday weekend (he gave me a HUGE 4 day birthday weekend as well), and I’ve catching up on some work for my baby apparel business that was greatly needed.

SO, what I have for you are two of my favorite cooking sites:
AllRecipes.com is an amazing site. It has reviews of recipes that people have submitted, chefs that post as well, variations of recipes, and you can create your own recipe box (aka saved recipes). I’ve been using this site for well over 3 years now and I love it.
Epicurious has some a really beautiful website that is easy to use. I have found really exotic and tasty recipes. I’ve been using this site for about a year, and I love the meal plan in the main menu.

Did I mention both of these sites are free? They are saved in my favorites menu ❤
Also, this will be the FIRST YEAR that I’m going all out and officially making my very own Thanksgiving Dinner for my boyfriend and I. Everything is going to be homemade! So I’ve been planning that as well, and hopefully, I will be posting a bit about that on this blog.

I hope you enjoy these last few days of September. October has arrived quickly this year, but I can’t wait to bake all the delicious seasonal fall treats this month has to offer.
Much Love

“The most dangerous food is wedding cake.”-James Thurber




Keep Calm and Eat Cake

Welcome to Eat Bake Love Wine!

To make a long story short, I’ve decided to bake a recipe from this wonderful book I bought. It’s literally been sitting on a shelf, sadly never used (just the color alone makes me want to put it to good use). I never made the time, until now.

Each week, I’ll be posting pictures and writing about what I made, with a small review of the actual dessert itself. My first post will be Friday, September 29, 2017. What will I be baking?  This book contains all types of loaves, cakes, tarts, and puddings, so it will be a surprise! I won’t be posting in categories. I’ll be posting in random order, whatever I’m craving that week.

What brought upon this random and somewhat crazy of an idea?
* The love of eating, baking, and definitely drinking wine while I am in the kitchen.
* The enjoyment I get when I make something that everyone will also enjoy baking
* The happiness I get when I make something new to eat
* The leftovers for the next day
* Sharing with friends and family

If you want to know more about the book and where to buy, I’d definitely look on amazon. It’s posted on the About page.

Now, off I go to make the ingredients list and post some pictures.

Eat Bake Love Wine

My blog is dedicated to baking all the recipes I found in the book called, “Keep calm and bake cake” (you can find it on the About page).  It’s a baking journey, testing my baking abilities (limited) and forcing me to expand my baked desserts knowledge (also limited). To me, this is a learning process, mixed in with patience, love, and, of course, wine (I never cry over spilled milk. Spilled wine, however, is a different story). I will be launching officially September 29, 2017, so check back soon.
keep calm and eat cake